A Life Well Spent by Charles West Cope in 1862 

I love this picture. This mother is teaching her children while making clothing. The baby sleeps nearby, and no doubt in her kitchen, a meal is cooking. Outside, she likely has a growing garden to feed her family. Add in a washing machine and dishwasher running, and a couple more children, and this is my day, too.

About The Prudent Homemaker

Family Photo 2012

We started living from our pantry in January 2007. We went over a year without shopping, due to 8 months of no income. Our income has continued to decrease significantly since then, and we often go many months without buying food (or tolietries, or clothing, or anything at all), depending on my husband's income. We currently make 70% less than we did in 2006 income. Consequently, we have had to work to rebuild our food storage as we can, and for a lot less. We work hard to make do with what we have, rather than purchasing needed items. We also grow as much food as we can in our potager in our .24 acre lot in the desert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still living on your food storage?

We'll always be eating from our pantry and garden. If you're wondering if I'm going shopping to restock, most of the time, the answer is no, I'm not. Right now, opportunities to buy food are infrequent for us. Nevertheless, when we get a chance to buy food, I do, and it's usually bulk items, such as oats, oil, and rice.

How often do you leave the house?

Since I'm not shopping, I homeschool my children, and we're a one-car family, I'm home most all of the time. I do go to church (as long as no children are sick!), and run other errands (such as going to the library on occasion) but I'm usually at home.

How do you get so much done?

I'm home! Not driving around gives me more time to accomplish my work. In addition, we haven't had cable since 2007. Afternoons are quiet time at my house, and that's when I'll make bread, work on this site, and sew.

Can I subscribe to your site?

Since this is a website and not a blog, there isn't an Rss feed for the site, making it impossible to subscribe. However, if you like my site on Facebook, you will get regular updates.

Would you please add a blog to your site?

In June of 2012 I started a blog; it is separate from my site but you can link over. You can find my blog at theprudenthomemakerblog.blogspot.com

How can I know when you've added something new to your site?

You can check my What's New page.  You can check my blog, where I'll be posting each time there is something new over on the site. You can also check my Facebook page, where I'll also mention what we're harvesting at the moment and on which projects I am currently working.

I am looking to buy a new camera and I like your photography. What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D40. Most of the pictures on this site were taken with the kit lens. I also am using a 50mm fixed lens. There are nicer, fancier, more expensive cameras out there, but this one suits me just fine.

My camera with the kit lens

50 mm fixed lens

(Click on camera and lens images for specifications).

Where did you get your beautiful table linens and props?

Most of the items in my kitchen came to me through women who are currently in their 80's and 90's. I am the recipient of 3 different women's varied kitchen items, who moved into assisted living facilities and shared their kitchen items with me. In addition, my grandmother has shared many of her garage-sale finds from years ago with me (the pretty glass bowls come from her).

Can I come see your garden?

I have garden tours for groups of 35 two to three times a year. I do not give private tours to individuals.

Can you come to speak to my group?

I am available to speak in the Las Vegas area. For more information, please see my Speaking Engagements page.

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