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Autumn Fairy
Autumn Fairy Costume
Bodice and sleeves: repurposed curtain toppers that were given to me
Skirt: overlay: sheer curtains that were given to me by the same person (she was moving into a home and didn't need curtains anymore). Underneath: old sheet from my mom
Wings: Two layers of sheer fabric that someone gave me. Edged with wire we had, and covered with a ribbon that matched exactly that I had had since I was about the same age. Held on with elastic.
Total cost of the dress: $0
Headpiece: bought pieces for 70% off at Joann's, and wrapped with floral wire and floral tape that we had. Total cost $5.65.

Make Clothes Without Buying Patterns

Need some new clothes for your little ones but don't have any money?

Try the old-fashioned approach of making clothes over.

Here are some examples:

Toddler's Jumper from an adult shirt

Toddler dress from an adult shirt

Mittens from a Sweater

Pajama Pants from a T-Shirt

A little boy's tie from a man's tie


Skirts for Little Girls

Twirly Skirt

Little Girl's Skirt Pattern

Drop Waisted Skirt

5 minute skirt (could be made for little girls as well)

Rose insertion

Garden Gloves These could be made into winter gloves instead if you change the fabric.



Girl's Shoulder Cape

Girl's Dress-up Hat


Rose Barrette 300 

Rose Barrettes

Covered Barrettes

Felt Flower Barrettes

Toddler Backpack

Kimono top 6m - 8 years

Simple Fabric Crown


 Children Ring Around the Rosie


First Order ships for $2.95

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How to Mend

If your clothes are wearing out, remember to cut off the buttons before you toss the worn items, and reuse them on your new projects!

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Rose insertion 180 brown



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